Saturday, October 23, 2010

Textile Teddies and Doggies in Lovely Floral and Country Prints

This photo is a preview of our new series of Textile Teddies and Doggies in bright colourful floral prints and lovely country prints. We've developed this floral and country series specially with the Singapore Botanic Gardens in mind as our teddies and doggies have recently found a home in The Garden Shop, a cosy place located at the Visitor Centre.

Walking around the gardens brought back memories of my childhood where the gardens were the vast natural playground for me and my brothers when we were kids. I remember feeding the swans and fishes in the huge lake and watching the monkeys coming out of the forest for bananas and peanuts thrown to them by visitors.

We also had our adventures there: One day, while leaning down to feed the fishes, my little brother fell forward into the lake. He would have surely drowned if not for the quick action of a passing burly caucasian man who rushed forward instantly and hauled him out of the water and who also sacrificed his picnic towel to wipe my brother dry and keep him warm. At another time, we stole pins from our mother's sewing kit and bent them into fishing hooks to fish for small fishes in a secluded part of the swan lake. We caught quite a few fishes but were ourselves caught by the officers there. Luckily for us, we were just given a warning and made to release the fishes back into the lake.

If you've not been to the Botanic Gardens for a while, make time for it. It's a wonderful place to revisit and enjoy a relaxing time with loved ones, surrounded by nature and breathing clean fresh air. It's also a place to find inspirations in nature, just as how we have been inspired to design this new series of floral and country Textile Teddies and Doggies.

We'll have the complete series comprising some 20 different fabric patterns for viewing on this blog soon.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Corduroy Textile Teddies ~ Complete Series

Meet our new CORDUROY TEXTILE TEDDIES in different types of corduroy material. Because corduroy is slightly more stretchable, our Corduroy Textile Teddies are also slightly more chubby.

For this series, we only have them in Jumbo ($29) and Big ($16) sizes. As with our Denim teddies, we only made one Jumbo and three Big teddies for each type of corduroy material.

Our laptop recently crashed (sigh!) and we lost all our email contacts (sob sob). Please email us again for those who contacted us recently.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Denim Textile Teddies & Doggies ~ Complete Series

Meet our complete family of Denim Textile Teddies and Doggies. For the teddies, we have them in three sizes ~ Jumbo ($29), Big ($16) and Small with keychain ($8). Prices indicated are online prices. The red ears and feet are in corduroy material. Only one Jumbo, three Big and a few Small teddies were made for each fabric pattern for this collection.

Meet our Denim Textile Doggies below. For this series, we only have them in Jumbo size ($29) and Big size ($16). As with the teddies, only one Jumbo and three Big were made for each fabric pattern.

Contact us for our PDF catalogue with product codes if you would like to order any of this series of Denim Textile Teddies and Doggies.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New Textile Teddies and Doggies in CORDUROY and DENIM

For our latest series of TEXTILE TEDDIES and DOGGIES, we decided to use CORDUROY and DENIM, and we are quite pleased with the results. Corduroy and Denim are two fabrics we consider to have the most character because of their unique textures and the fashion statements they are associated with. "If denim is the fabric of the working man, corduroy is that of the thinking man." Corduroy and Denim are also two of the most durable fabrics around.

Corduroy Textile Teddies
For this batch of Corduroy Textile Teddies, we only have them in Jumbo and Big sizes, but not in Small size and also no doggies because we miscalculated the amount of fabric to get. We'll make sure we have both teddies and doggies in all the sizes the next time we use corduroy, but it'll have to wait another few months.

Our Corduroy Textile Teddies are available in these 10 different corduroy fabrics:

Denim Textile Teddies & Doggies
Here are how our Denim Textile Teddies look like (available in Jumbo, Big and Small sizes). We also have Denim Textile Doggies (in Jumbo and Big sizes only).

Our Denim Textile Teddies & Doggies are made in these 10 different denim patterns:

Contact us if you'd like to order any of our CORDUROY Textile Teddies or DENIM Textile Teddies and Doggies. We'll send you pictures of the complete selection for you to choose. As usual, only a few pieces are made with each fabric type.

Read more . . .  For some interesting trivia on Corduroy, visit the Corduroy Appreciation Club or watch the video below. For a quick history of Denim, read this great article at Designboom.