Saturday, November 20, 2010

MaXX Bears and Bunnies ~ Live Life to the MAX!

Every pair of jeans that's been worn for a long time has a characteristics of its own. It would have the DNA of the wearer's unique life experiences in this rough and tumble world.

That's why our MaXX Bears and Bunnies ~ made from RECYCLED jeans ~ are so unusual and intriguing. Every one of them has a personality of its own. Whatever the appearance ~ smart and tough, worn and faded or torn and tattered ~ there's clearly an indomitable spirit in each MaXX Bear and Bunny.

For this unique "CREATIVE RECYCLING" project, we work with indie designer Max who studied communications design and developed his own bear-making techniques. An amazingly creative and nice guy, Max lives a simple life and sends money home regularly to his aged parents who are in their 60s but continue to eke out a living as rice farmers in Chiang Rai.

Our amazingly talented friend Max in his sparsely furnished rented room
where he lives and creates his bears and bunnies from recycled jeans.
The plyers on his lap and the super-long needles in front of him show
what brute strength goes into making our MaXX Bears and Bunnies.

Email us for the catalogue of our MaXX Bears and Bunnies if you would like to order. Or follow us on or

MaXX Bears and Bunnies in three sizes (from left): Regular MaXX Bear and
Bunny, Big MaXX Bunny and Jumbo MaXX Bear.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Creation of Sunshine Bear

We like to get involved in the creation of our products ~ from tweaking existing designs to developing completely new designs, and from knowing what goes into making them to actually learning how to make them.

For our new series of bears which we'll be introducing in time for Christmas, we decided to pick up the needle and thread and sew one ourselves under the guidance of multi-talented Sunisa, our new-found bear maker who's a graduate in fine art, a florist and an entrepreneur. (Wow!!!)

The reason we chose to learn how to make this bear was because this particular bear is COMPLETELY HAND-STITCHED FROM HEAD TO TOE.

Since this bear is Sun-isa's creation and it has a bright and cheerful look with a sense of curiosity and wonderment, we're calling it our SUNSHINE BEAR.

With the bear making skills that we now have, we'll be sending Sunshine Bear out on some new social missions we have in mind.

The Story of 'Creation': Sunisa's three wise bears waiting for
a miracle about to happen.

Lo and behold! A new bear is taking shape.
New bear is now able to sit with its head, arms and legs
finally attached to its body. In the background is Sunisa.
With ears, eyes, nose and a smile and ribbon added, new
Sunshine bear finally comes to life.
New Sunshine bear is the centre of attraction as everyone wants
to know the story of his creation.

For Other Bear Stories:
See also our blog postings in October on new Textile Teddies and Doggies in Floral, Corduroy and Denim materials.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Creative Recycling ~ Leather Journals Made From Leather Scraps

One of our social enterprise initiatives is to promote CREATIVE RECYCLING in support of the "3 R" effort to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to help our environment. Our Leather Journals are part of that effort. They are made from leather scraps in various textures and tones combined in creative ways to give the journals the naturally raw and rugged look. We work with Ret, a hardworking young man who studied Agriculture thinking he would pursue a career in that field in his largely farming community but instead ended up helping his parents in their small leather business. We're glad to be able to generate business for this humble and friendly family.

Below is a selection available online. They come in four sizes, Size 1 to 4, ranging in price from $13.90 to $28.90 (online prices). Please email us at for the catalogue with the full selection and details.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ring-Bound JOURNALS Wrapped in FABulous Fabrics

We've always liked hardcover books that are thread-sewn and fabric-wrapped. But for journals or notebooks, where we need to replace used pages, it's not practical to have the pages bound and glued. We decided, therefore, to design our own fabric-wrapped journals using ring-binder which would allow pages to be added and removed easily.

The result is FABULOUS! So we're calling them our FABric JOURNALS ~ journals wrapped in FABulous fabrics featuring beautiful floral prints, lovely country prints and also masculine checked prints for the men.

For this project, we tapped on the excellent book-binding skills of two young career ladies, Supawan and Noi, who are only free after their work and during the weekends to make them. Noi's aunt, who is a full-time housewife, is the wonderful sewing talent behind the journals. It's our latest successful social enterprise project that harness the skills and talents of the 'ordinary' people.

We have two sizes ~ Large with A5-size contents ($20.90 each) and Small with 14cm height x 13cm width contents ($18.90). Do email us at for the full catalogue.

New Textile Teddies and Doggies ~ Complete Series

Finally, here's our full series of Textile Teddies and Doggies in fabulous floral and country prints. After our rediscovery of the Botanic Gardens, and with Christmas around the corner, we thought it'd be nice to have our teddies and doggies in bright and cheerful colours.

These are our small teddies and doggies with keychain. Online price is $8 each (usual retail price $8.90). Buy any mix of four teddies and doggies at only $30+FREE local delivery (ie, $7.50 each).  We also have them in Big and Jumbo sizes for some of these patterns. Online prices are Big ~ $16+$3 delivery (retail $19.90) and $29+$1 for delivery (retail $29.90). For order under $30, delivery charge applies ($3 home delivery or SingPost rate). Please email us at for the catalogues to make your selection.