Friday, July 25, 2014

CUSHION CATS, DOGS and a PIG ~ Adorable companions to hug or support your back, head or neck

We've seen cushions which are simply prints of animals or owls which don't require any creativity or special skills to make. One simply buys the fabric with such prints, cut out the shape of the animal image, and sew it to form a cushion. Yet such cushions are selling at rather high prices!!!

Here are some authentic, original design, CUSHION CATS and DOGS and a PIG which we got our talented crafter Noon to make for us. We use soft canvas (thicker kind of material yet soft like fabric) to make these ANIMAL CUSHIONS. Size is approx 13ins long, 12ins tall. Price is $35 each. To order, email Note: Price may change over time.

LOOK AT THEIR EYES.... They all have different expressions: