Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lovely Batik Pouches & Zipper Bags

In this final installment on our ELDERLY ENTERPRISE community project in support of elderly's talents and skills, we showcase our lovely BATIK POUCHES and ZIPPER BAGS. Jenny, the elderly lady who made these items, has very fine needlework skills and a great eye for colours and fabrics.

These lovely Batik Pouches have a padded base plus inner fabric lining in solid colour with a small slip pocket. Price: $15 only.

These unique Zipper Bags are made from one long zip sewn together to form a handy bag. Price: $10 only.

Need more info about these items, please email georgewong@teddythotz.com with your queries and we'll be happy to hear from you and answer them.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Those Were The Days ...

Talking about things from the good old days, we just have to bring up this classic song from the 60s ~ Those Were The Days, written by American musician Gene RaskinEvery time we hear it, it never fails to stir up feelings of nostalgia
        We've included two versions below. The first is by the great Irish folk singer Liam Clancy whom Bob Dylan considered "...the best ballad singer I'd ever heard...". Liam Clancy and Gene Raskin were friends and drinking buddies.
        The second version is the one that is best remembered. It's the 1968 recording by Welsh singer Mary Hopkin, produced by Paul McCartney, which became a major hit in the US and the UK. There's accompanying lyrics in this version, so you can sing along and reminisce about YOUR good old days.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Traditional tablemats, floormats, cup coasters & pot coasters by elderly

As part of our 'Elderly Enterprise' community project in support of the talents and skills of the elderly in Singapore, we also have the following traditional products made by different elderly individuals. Such things remind us of home in the good old days:


These are made from fabric remnants (new fabric, not used fabric). The bigger tablemat can also be used as a floormat or a seat cushion. The smaller tablemat is meant for the kitchen as a cushion for hot pot but can also be used in the living room to place your flower vase on.

Traditional Tablemats: $12 (large) / $10 (small).


These traditional floormats are also made from fabric remnants that are cut into small pieces, folded one by one, and sewn together to form the floormat. They are good for trapping dusts from your feet.

Traditional Floormats: $15 - $20 depending on size and fabrics used.


The square-shaped cup coasters are woven from colourful fabric ribbons. The hexagon-shaped coasters are made from fabric remnants folded into hexagon shapes and stitched together.

Cup Coasters: Any 4 pieces for $5.


These lovely coasters with a contemporary design shows very fine needlework skills. They're perfect as a coaster for your teapot when you're having friends over for afternoon tea.

Batik Fabric Pot Coaster with Lace: $12 each.
Modern Fabric Pot Coaster: $10 each.

TO ORDER, please email us here and we'll send you pictures of the individual designs we currently have to let you choose. Delivery is free if your order is at least $30, otherwise there's a nominal delivery charge of $3.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A 'MUST-HAVE' for Babies ~ Beans Sprout Husks Pillows and Bolsters

Mothers who use pillows or bolsters made from beans sprout husks will vouch that they really do help babies sleep more peacefully. The baby is also less likely to be easily startled by sudden sound.

It seems that the pillow or bolster which is placed over the baby's chest or tummy feels like the mother's warm and comforting palm, thus making the baby feel calm and secure. The beans sprout husk fillings also help to prevent the pillow or bolster from becoming uncomfortably warm.

Our beans sprout husks pillows and bolsters are part of our 'Elderly Enterprise' community project where we get the elderly to make the things they are good at making and let them earn most of the money from what they make. At the same time, we are keeping a good-old family tradition and practice alive.

Price: $20 each with extra bolster case FREE.
Price: $15 each with extra pillow case FREE.

We have many fabric patterns to choose from. Please email us here for a catalogue to make your selection. You can also get them from the PaTH Market at VivoCity, Singapore's only social enterprise market that's held at the first and last weekend (Sat & Sun) of every month, at Level 1, around Lobby A to C area, from 11am to 10pm.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Thinking about patchwork blankets brought back memory of an incident some years ago that we still look back from time to time with some sadness and regret.
        We were selling our patchwork blankets at a public event outside the National Museum when a young lady was drawn to a particular blanket we were showing off. It was, to us, the least attractive of the blankets we had. But the young lady wanted it, telling us that it reminded her of her grandmother. Unfortunately, she didn't have enough cash with her and there was no ATM nearby.
        As she was contemplating what to do while clutching one end of the blanket, other customers were pressing forward to look at our blankets. A man then offered to buy the blanket we were holding. Not wanting to miss the chance to sell off that 'unattractive' blanket, we decided to let him have it. We told the young lady to get in touch with us, assuring her we would get our elderly to make her a much nicer blanket.
        Sadly we never heard from her after that.
        Looking back, we realised why the young lady never contacted us. That particular blanket that she wanted must have looked very much like the one her grandmother made for her when she was a child. And when she saw it, it must have connected her instantly to her childhood and memories of her loving grandma. No other blanket, no matter how pretty, would have meant the same for her.
        If only we had been more enlightened then, we would have let the young lady take the blanket first and pay us another day. To this day, we cannot forget the dejected look on her face as the blanket, which likely held much memories for her, was sold to someone else.

P.S. If by any chance you are the young lady in the story who is reading this, please get in touch with us.

* * * * * * *

This being the month that MOTHER'S DAY is celebrated, it seems only right that we showcase our PATCHWORK BLANKETS ~ the one thing that often stirs fond memories of mothers and grandmothers. Our patchwork blankets are made by different elderly in their own unique style, hence the different designs you see below. In almost all cases, we supply the fabrics so that the elderly do not have to incur any expenses. They make the blankets at home at their own time, own pace, with absolutely no target to worry about. They are paid for the blankets they made and the amount is equivalent to 80 to 90 percent of the profit. Our aim is to just make enough to be sustainable and let our elderly earn most of the profit.

What you see below are just some of our current patchwork blankets. Every time a new blanket is made it has a different combination of fabric patterns and colours even though the style may be the same.


Mdm Ong's style is characterised by small triangles forming the square blocks that form the blanket. There are 32 small triangles in each 11x11-inch square block. That's a lot of work compared to the more straightforward patchwork which has only 8 triangles per square block.

Regular blanket sizes include Baby sizes (33x33ins, 44x33ins, and 44x44ins priced at $40, $48 and $55 respectively) and Adult sizes (77x55ins, 77x66ins, 77x77ins priced at $115, $125 and $140 respectively). We can also custom make other sizes.

Mdm Ong's popular patchwork has 32 small triangles in every
square block. A queen size blanket is therefore made up of 1,344
small triangles. That's an incredible amount of work involved.


Mdm Mok's patchwork consists of star-shaped patterns set against a background of small square fabrics. There are blankets made entirely of checked fabrics suitable for boys and those made wholly of floral fabrics. Each square block is 12x12 inches, thus making her blankets relatively larger than other blankets.

The regular sizes include Baby sizes (36x36ins and 48x48ins priced at $40 and $55), and Adult sizes (84x60ins and 84x72ins priced at $115 and $125). We can also make other sizes.

Mdm Mok's checked patchwork popular for boys.
Floral patchwork blanket with black foral-star patterns set
against a background of square floral fabrics.


Mdm Ang's adult patchwork blankets come in two styles. One style consists of hexagon patterns while the other style has windmill patterns.

The adult sizes are roughly the size of a queen-size mattress and cost $115 for the hexagon pattern and $100 for the windmill pattern. The child-size patchwork blanket (roughly about half of a queen-size mattress) is done in a slightly different style and costs $55.

Mdm Ang's adult size patchwork blankets with hexagon patterns (left)
and windmill patterns.
Mdm Ang's child-size patchwork blankets with cartoon fabric
patterns (left) and with floral fabric patterns.


Mdm Kum's patchwork blankets are formed from numerous tiny squares of different patterns and colours. The tiny squares have to be neatly sewn together so that the blanket maintains its rectangular shape when completed.

The Adult blanket is approx 70x60ins and costs $110 while the Baby-size blanket is $48. Other sizes can also be made.

Mdm Kum's patchwork formed from numerous tiny square fabrics of
different colours and patterns.


A friend's granny, who is in her 90s, make this unique style of patchwork blankets with a distinctive pattern of red stars. It is available only in one size (slightly broader than the queen-size mattress) and has either red or blue checked fabric for the border and back. Price is $110.

Danny's grandma's patchwork with it's distinctive red-star patterns.
Different coloured fabric patterns are used for different blankets.

NOTE: The best place to view and buy our patchwork blankets is at the PaTH Market at VivoCity, held every first and last weekend (Sat & Sun) of the month, from 11am to 10pm, at Level 1, around Lobby A to C area. We can also visit your home to show you our blankets for you to choose and purchase at no extra charge. Contact us here.

Here's a fitting song tribute to all mothers to end this post.