Saturday, September 12, 2015

Our Social Enterprise Journey... Engagement with FRIENDS OF THE DISABLED SOCIETY

In our social enterprise, we work with many talented people to create the products that you see in our blog and facebook. This has generated regular income for the makers of our products which include the elderly, homemakers, the disadvantaged, the poor, crafters and indie designers.

Besides this, we also use our creative products to benefit others such as Friends of the Disabled Society (FDS).  In this post, we document our engagement with FDS:

Providing Simple Jobs for FDS Members

"TeddyThotz has been supporting Friends of the Disabled with their creative products for many years. Their support has helped to boost our sales when we take part in bazaars to benefit our members. Our members are also more encouraged and motivated when they see better sales from their effort.

"We are happy that TeddyThotz has now expanded its support to include providing simple jobs for our members to do at our premises. It's another regular source of income for us and it fits well with our job creation programme for our members.

"TeddyThotz is a very committed social enterprise, coming to us with suggestions on how else they want to collaborate with us. We are now looking into developing products together for retail. It's more challenging but definitely more fulfilling and worthwhile if successful. We are excited to see what we can achieve with our members' craft skills and TeddyThotz's creative ideas." ~ Roogmanny, Executive Director, FDS

Supporting Mary's Small Enterprise

With our best selling products, Mary is able to do well in bazaars.