Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ceramic-Crochet Pal Penholder Set in Support of the Intellectually Disabled

It has been several months since we first blogged about our Ceramic Mug Penholder project to support the intellectually disabled in Singapore (see December 2011 post) and promised to show you more images. We had to kick ourselves to stop procrastinating and get the pictures taken.

A Functional and Unique Gift

Here they are at long last. They are all for sale. It would be wonderful if companies would adopt our Ceramic Mug Penholder Set as their welcome gift for their new staff and at the same time support this community project.

Each Ceramic Mug Penholder Set is only S$29.00 if you order directly with us (free local delivery) (Usual Retail Price is S$35.00). To order, simply email your message with the image of your choice to