Friday, November 30, 2012

Special Little Crochet Dogs That'll Melt Your Heart

What can you get from a simple string of yarn? A special little crochet dog with a single trusting heart to give you, as only a pet dog could ~

* Enduring Friendship 
* Complete Loyalty 
* Total Devotion 
* Unconditional Love 
* Joyful Companionship

Here are not one, but 35 special little crochet doggies reserved for our online shoppers. Prices $15 for the slightly bigger (approx 12cm length) dogs and $12 for the smaller dogs (approx 9cm length). To order, please email us to tell us which crochet dog you want. Note: Price may change over time.

LITTLE CROCHET DOG 1 - 4 * Price: $15 each.
LITTLE CROCHET DOG 5 - 8 * Price: $15 each. 
LITTLE CROCHET DOG 9 - 12 * Price: $15 each.
LITTLE CROCHET DOG 13 - 16 * Price: $15 each.
LITTLE CROCHET DOG 17 - 20 * Price: $15 each.
LITTLE CROCHET DOG 21 - 25 * Price: $12 each.
LITTLE CROCHET DOG 26 - 30 * Price: $12 each.
LITTLE CROCHET DOG 31 - 35 * Price: $12 each.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Koolly Bear with Skinny Long Limbs, Bear with Striped Shirt, Bear with Chicken, Cat with Soft Fur & Scarf and Multi-Coloured Cat

What can be more kool than these jumbo size Koolly Bears with their super skinny long limbs that allow them to wrap themselves around each other and suspend themselves from high up. They are great fun to have around in all sense of the word. In this post, for the record, we feature some of our larger and more quirky Kooly Bears and Gang, including Koolly Bear with Striped Shirt, Koolly Bear with Chicken, Koolly Cat with Soft Fur & Scarf and Koolly Multi-Coloured Cat.

Koolly Bear with skinny long limbs * 34-39cm tall seated * $50
Koolly Bear with striped shirt 28cm tall seated $38 * Bear with chicken 28cm tall seated $38
Koolly cat with soft fur * 25cm tall seated * $38
Koolly multi-coloured cat * 25cm tall seated * $35
TO PURCHASE any of these quirky Koolly Bears & Gang, email us at OR visit us at the PaTH Market at VivoCity, Level 1, near Lobby A, 11am to 10pm on these dates: 24-25 November and 1-2,  8-9, 15-23 December 2012. Note: Price may change over time.

Monday, November 12, 2012

New Hand-Crocheted KOOLLY GANG

It's been more than a year since we first introduced our Koolly Bears and Gang hand-crocheted by multi-talented Third who started crocheting when she was just seven years old (see our posting in April 2011). Since then, our Koolly Gang has welcomed many new members. Just for the record, here are some of our original plus some NEW Koolly Gang.

KOOLLY GIRAFFE * $30 and $32 (right)














TO PURCHASE any of our Koolly Gang, email us at or visit us at the PaTH Market at VivoCity, Level 1, near Lobby A, 11am to 10pm on these dates: 24-25 November and 1-2,  8-9, 15-23 December 2012. Note: Price may change over time.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Crochet Pal-Ceramic Mug Penholders in Support of the Intellectually Disabled

Here's another series of quirky one-of-a-kind pen holders ~ our Crochet Pal-Ceramic Mug Penholder Sets. We came up with this idea to support the crafts efforts of the intellectually disabled in Singapore who made the ceramic mugs you see here.

Each penholder set is only S$29.00 if you order directly with us (free local delivery) (Usual Retail Price is S$35.00). To order, simply email your message with the image of your choice to georgewong@teddythotz.comOnly one penholder set per design is available.

Crochet Bear-Mug Penholder and Crochet Cat-Mug Penholder.
Crochet Bear-Mug Penholder and Crochet Frog-Mug Penholder.
Crochet Dog-Mug Penholder and Crochet Pig-Mug Penholder.
Crochet Dragon-Mug Penholder and Crochet Elmo-Mug Penholder.
Crochet Elephant-Mug Penholder and Crochet Monkey-Mug Penholder.
Crochet Giraffe-Mug Penholder and Crochet Chicken-Mug Penholder.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Candle Holders and Potpourri Bowls from Nature

BODHI LEAF CANDLE HOLDER/POTPOURRI BOWL: The shape of this bowl is inspired by the heart-shape Bodhi Leaf from the Bodhi Tree, a sacred tree associated with Gautama Buddha's journey to enlightenment.

Candles and scented potpourris in a place of worship put you immediately in a spiritual mood for prayer, meditation and contemplation. Place the same things in a modern home and you create an ambience of peace, calm, serenity and romance.

That's the wonder of candles and potpourris, and it spurred us on a journey in search of candle holders and potpourri bowls that are unique and that tie in with our social mission of championing the talents of ordinary folks and generating income for them.

Giving a modern spin to traditional objects

As if a Higher Hand was guiding us, our search led us to Nuck who created this collection of Candle Holders and Potpourri Bowls by giving a modern spin to objects traditionally associated with religious offerings and worship.

Inspired by nature and made from nature

Nuck's designs are inspired by nature and made from nature. Adapting the technique of papier mache, Nuck works with the bark of banana trees and 'gold leaf' used in temples to make these candle holders and bowls. She taught her technique, which she called "banana mache", to lower income villagers in northern Thailand to help them earn extra income.

Designs that reflect lives and cultures in Asia

What's also special about this collection of candle holders and potpourri bowls is that their designs reflect lives and cultures in Asia.

We have potpourri bowls that are modeled after the heart-shape leaf of the Bodhi tree, the sacred tree which is associated with Gautama Buddha's journey to enlightenment. We also have potpourri bowls made from coconut shells; coconut trees being very much a part of the Asian landscape.

One of our candle holder designs is inspired by the shape of the rice grain to reflect the  economic and cultural importance of rice in the lives of many Asian communities. Another candle holder design is shaped like a leaf to reflect another Asian identity, the tropical rainforest.

'Gold leaf', commonly seen in Buddhist temples, is used to coat the inside of the candle holders and potpourri bowls to give them the spiritual touch and the golden glow.

WHERE TO BUY THEM: Our Candle Holders and Potpourri Bowls are sold at the Singapore Art Museum shop at Bras Basah Road and at The Garden Shop in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

CANDLE HOLDER (RICE): Rice is a staple food and an integral part of life and cultures of the people in Asia. This Candle Holder is designed in the shape of the rice grain.

CANDLE/POTPOURRI BOWL (COCONUT): The coconut shell is the natural material used to make this candle/potpourri bowl. As with the other candle holders/potpourri bowls, the inside of the coconut shell is coated with 'gold leaf' commonly seen in Buddhist temples.

CANDLE HOLDER (LEAF): The elegant shape of leaves in the tropical rainforest inspired the abstract leaf-shape design of this candle holder.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New BATIK TEXTILE TEDDY creation for Asian Civilisations Museum shop

Batik is such a beautiful and fascinating fabric that in the last year or so it has spurred us to a few cities in Indonesia to see more of the fabric. Naturally, we've also been turning more and more to this very ethnic material to make some of our fabric products. We've used Batik, not just from Indonesia but also from Malaysia and Thailand, for our fabric journals, mini bags and tissue holders.

Most recently, we made a special series of Batik Textile Teddies for the Asian Civilisations Museum shop for sale in conjunction with its "Islamic Arts from Southeast Asia" exhibition now on till 20 January 2013.

As we discover more about Batik, we learned that it is recognised by UNESCO as an "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" as it is intertwined with the spiritual and cultural indentity of the Indonesian people and the Malay communities in Southeast Asia. The varied designs and colors you find in Batik fabrics reflect the influences of intermingling cultures in this unique art and craft.

Here is a selection of our Batik Textile Teddies in different intricate Batik designs.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hand-crocheted Animal Pals with the BIG HEART

Sorry for the long absence. We've been swamped with life's daily tasks, problems and demands. And there's no break in sight yet. Hence, we thought we better post a quick update to stay in touch with you.

We got our talented crafter, Third, to create a series of different animals with long slender limbs wrapped around a gigantic red heart. And here are the wonderful results ~ Animal Pals with the Big Heart (only one each is made):

Looking at these Animal Pals with the Big Heart reminds us of "Love", "Friendship", "Kindness" and also the lyrics from the song "What the world needs now is love" written by Hal David and Burt Bacharach way back in 1965 but so relevant TODAY ...

"What the world needs now, is love sweet love,
It's the only thing, that there's just too little of;
What the world needs now, is love sweet love,
No not just for some, but for everyone ..."

Here's wishing EVERYONE, lots of LOVE!

If you'd like to buy any of these creations, please email us at for the specifications and price.

WHERE TO FIND USVisit us at the PaTH Market (Singapore's only social enterprise and crafts market) held every first and last weekends of the month at VivoCity, Level 1, Lobby A/POSB ATMs area, 11am to 10pm. ENQUIRIES & CONTACT: To check about online order and what's available, please email George at or Jon at

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Special Wireart Ring Designs for Gardens by the Bay

This artistic floral wireart ring, shaped from aluminium wire, is our new series of wireart pieces designed along the floral and gardens theme by self-taught wire artists Bow and Keng specially for Gardens by the Bay.

Excitement is growing by the day as we count down to the Gardens' opening this 29th June. One of the world's most amazing man-made gardens, Gardens by the Bay will house plants from all over the world, including plants from Mediterranean climate, and they'll be in perpetual bloom in hot and humid Singapore.

You'll also get to see these immensely artistic wireart creations, which will be available alongside some of our other handmade creations at the retail outlets in Gardens by the Bay. Tell us what you think of the images that follow:

Interested to know more about our wireart creations or where you can find us? Do email us at or We always welcome a chat with you.

Embedded below is a video on Gardens by the Bay made before its construction. For the real thing you'll be able to see when the Gardens opens on 29th June, click here for Gardens by the Bay's website.