Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Koolly Bear with Skinny Long Limbs, Bear with Striped Shirt, Bear with Chicken, Cat with Soft Fur & Scarf and Multi-Coloured Cat

What can be more kool than these jumbo size Koolly Bears with their super skinny long limbs that allow them to wrap themselves around each other and suspend themselves from high up. They are great fun to have around in all sense of the word. In this post, for the record, we feature some of our larger and more quirky Kooly Bears and Gang, including Koolly Bear with Striped Shirt, Koolly Bear with Chicken, Koolly Cat with Soft Fur & Scarf and Koolly Multi-Coloured Cat.

Koolly Bear with skinny long limbs * 34-39cm tall seated * $50
Koolly Bear with striped shirt 28cm tall seated $38 * Bear with chicken 28cm tall seated $38
Koolly cat with soft fur * 25cm tall seated * $38
Koolly multi-coloured cat * 25cm tall seated * $35
TO PURCHASE any of these quirky Koolly Bears & Gang, email us at OR visit us at the PaTH Market at VivoCity, Level 1, near Lobby A, 11am to 10pm on these dates: 24-25 November and 1-2,  8-9, 15-23 December 2012. Note: Price may change over time.

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