Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Lovely Mother's Day Gifts ~ Batik Bags & Tissue Holders Made by Our Elderly

Our lovely Batik Bags and Tissue Holders are some of our most popular items among woman shoppers. They are designed and sewn by Jenny, our very talented elderly whose sewing skills and eye for matching colors and fabrics are hard to match.

With an endless range of lovely batik patterns available, we just want to work with as many different patterns as possible. We therefore make only a few bags and tissue holders with each pattern so we can keep getting new batik patterns to use.

Here's a selection of our latest batik bags and tissue holders which will make lovely Mother's Day gifts. The bag has a slip pocket inside and the tissue holder has a zip pocket on the other side.

TO ORDER: Email here with the image of your choice. Each set of Batik Bag + Tissue Holder costs $25. FREE local delivery in support of Mother's Day.