Friday, November 11, 2011

Traditional Tablemat for the Kitchen, Living Room or Office Pantry

To match the retro cup coasters, here's a selection of traditional tablemats meticulously made from small pieces of fabrics that have to be individually folded and sewn one by one. Keeping the pattern round and symmetrical is a tough task.

The size is 11ins diameter. Price: $10 each. Only 1 piece per design is available as it's not possible to replicate the exact fabric combination. To order our tablemats, email for the pictures and other details.

WHERE TO FIND USVisit us at the PaTH Market (Singapore's only social enterprise and crafts market) at VivoCity on these weekends 3-4 and 10-11 December, and every day from 17-24 December. Venue: Level 1, around Lobby A to C area. Time: 11am to 10pm (late night shopping till 11pm on 17, 22 & 23 Dec).

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Going Retro with Made-By-Elderly Cup Coasters

We've given a new twist to the traditional hexagon-shape patchwork blanket by turning it into cup coasters.

The idea came to us when we noticed how tedious it was for the elderly to make the hexagon patchwork blanket which could take months to complete and yet could not be sold at the price that would justify the tedious labour put in.

We realised it would be a lot easier to make cup coasters instead, which could be sold easily, at an affordable price, and therefore be a quick source of income for the elderly.

And we were right! Our hexagon patchwork cup coasters have become a quirky retro traditional and useful things to have in the home or office. They are also washable.

Here's our latest batch of Retro Cup Coasters made by our elderly. To order, please email for an updated catalogue or copy the image below and indicate which coasters. Price is $6 for a set of any 4 coasters:

Friday, November 04, 2011

ALL-NEW FAB JOURNALS ~ Ring-Bound Journals in Fabulous Fabrics

These new Fab Journals represent many days and miles of searching for the nicest fabrics we could find within our budget. Again, we have much to thank Supawan and Noi, who spent hours after work to assemble them, and their wonderful aunt, who's excellent sewing skills made our Fab Journals look absolutely FABULOUS!

As usual, only a few journals are made with each fabric. Each journal has 90 sheets or 180 pages of writing material (A5 size for the large journal; and CD pocket size for the small journal). The ring binder allows easy refill of pages.

Our retail prices are $20.90 (large) and $18.90 (small). Click here to order online and enjoy a slight discount plus free local delivery by SingPost.

Here are all the designs grouped by oriental/floral prints, Japanese prints, country prints, contemporary prints, as well as denim and other types of fabrics.