Saturday, June 16, 2012

Special Wireart Ring Designs for Gardens by the Bay

This artistic floral wireart ring, shaped from aluminium wire, is our new series of wireart pieces designed along the floral and gardens theme by self-taught wire artists Bow and Keng specially for Gardens by the Bay.

Excitement is growing by the day as we count down to the Gardens' opening this 29th June. One of the world's most amazing man-made gardens, Gardens by the Bay will house plants from all over the world, including plants from Mediterranean climate, and they'll be in perpetual bloom in hot and humid Singapore.

You'll also get to see these immensely artistic wireart creations, which will be available alongside some of our other handmade creations at the retail outlets in Gardens by the Bay. Tell us what you think of the images that follow:

Interested to know more about our wireart creations or where you can find us? Do email us at or We always welcome a chat with you.

Embedded below is a video on Gardens by the Bay made before its construction. For the real thing you'll be able to see when the Gardens opens on 29th June, click here for Gardens by the Bay's website.