Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Crochet Pal-Ceramic Mug Penholders in Support of the Intellectually Disabled

Here's another series of quirky one-of-a-kind pen holders ~ our Crochet Pal-Ceramic Mug Penholder Sets. We came up with this idea to support the crafts efforts of the intellectually disabled in Singapore who made the ceramic mugs you see here.

Each penholder set is only S$29.00 if you order directly with us (free local delivery) (Usual Retail Price is S$35.00). To order, simply email your message with the image of your choice to georgewong@teddythotz.comOnly one penholder set per design is available.

Crochet Bear-Mug Penholder and Crochet Cat-Mug Penholder.
Crochet Bear-Mug Penholder and Crochet Frog-Mug Penholder.
Crochet Dog-Mug Penholder and Crochet Pig-Mug Penholder.
Crochet Dragon-Mug Penholder and Crochet Elmo-Mug Penholder.
Crochet Elephant-Mug Penholder and Crochet Monkey-Mug Penholder.
Crochet Giraffe-Mug Penholder and Crochet Chicken-Mug Penholder.

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