Saturday, October 13, 2012

New BATIK TEXTILE TEDDY creation for Asian Civilisations Museum shop

Batik is such a beautiful and fascinating fabric that in the last year or so it has spurred us to a few cities in Indonesia to see more of the fabric. Naturally, we've also been turning more and more to this very ethnic material to make some of our fabric products. We've used Batik, not just from Indonesia but also from Malaysia and Thailand, for our fabric journals, mini bags and tissue holders.

Most recently, we made a special series of Batik Textile Teddies for the Asian Civilisations Museum shop for sale in conjunction with its "Islamic Arts from Southeast Asia" exhibition now on till 20 January 2013.

As we discover more about Batik, we learned that it is recognised by UNESCO as an "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" as it is intertwined with the spiritual and cultural indentity of the Indonesian people and the Malay communities in Southeast Asia. The varied designs and colors you find in Batik fabrics reflect the influences of intermingling cultures in this unique art and craft.

Here is a selection of our Batik Textile Teddies in different intricate Batik designs.

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