Friday, August 26, 2011

TeddyThotz at Singapore Gift & Stationery Show 2011

Just for the record, we took part in the Singapore Gift & Stationery Show at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre from 17 to 19 August. It's the second year running that we were part of the Show, thanks to the opportunity negotiated with the show organiser by Social Innovation Park (a non-profit organisation promoting social enterprises in Singapore) which is behind the PaTH Market that we are a part of. We received pretty good response from visitors to the show.

And for the first time, we also partner our Thai artist friend, Ao, from the small village of Dok Khamtai in Phayao Province, northern Thailand, when she decided to take part in the show and needed our support.

Ao has come a long way from when we first knew her as a solo artist painting on bags, jeans and pencil cases. Trained in fine art and applied art specialising in textile design, Ao has over the years imparted her techniques and skills to the villagers in her hometown, enabling them to make a living from their art.

Ao and her husband named their 'studio' in the village, Tumlay-Aimbun, which means the place where the pleasures of creators and admirers meet. What a charming name.

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