Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Idiosyncratic, unusual, peculiar, odd, strange, eccentric, unpredictable and always INCREDIBLY CREATIVE ... all these describe the unique characteristics of our KOOLLY BEARS and GANG. And the wonderful person behind our quirky collection is a young lady with an equally kool name, Third.

As a child, Third would watch with fascination whenever the aunty in her neighbourhood sat down to crochet. By age seven, she had learnt to crochet from the aunty and was soon crafting scarves and sweaters for her mum.

Third makes a humble living from her craft; and it has been a joy to work with someone so full of ideas and passion to make our series of quirky KOOLLY BEARS and GANG. We're also tapping into Third's talent to develop some interesting products together with a voluntary welfare organisation in Singapore which helps children with special needs. We'll have a posting on this community project very soon.

For now, please meet our wonderfully quirky KOOLLY BEARS and GANG:

TO ORDER, please email georgewong@teddythotz.com to find out what we have and their prices.

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