Friday, April 29, 2011

Textile Teddies & Doggies in Soft, Sweet, Soothing Pastel-Coloured Checked Prints & Stripes

Almost every week, we're out combing the textile shops to get nice fabrics for the many fabric products that we make. We have traditional patchwork blankets, beans sprout husks pillows and bolsters, floormats and tablemats made by the elderly; FABulous fabric journals made by two young ladies and their full-time housewife aunt; and our ever popular Textile Teddies and Doggies made by a team of bear makers from humble backgrounds.

As we want our fabric products to be affordable to the general public, we have to constantly scour the marketplace to find the best fabrics below a certain cost. Priority is always given to the small 'mom and pop' fabric shops that we want to benefit. These are run by elderly or poor families. From these shops we get most of our fabrics for our elderly enterprise products mentioned above.

For our textile teddies and doggies, we will spend more on fabrics as the emphasis is on the beauty of the print. We still need to watch our cost which means we have to search harder and farther for the best designs in the price range we can afford.  It was on one of these searches that we came across these fabrics in soft sweet soothing pastel colours. The fact that they are not floral prints offers a nice change from our usual designs of Textile Teddies and Doggies.

Here they are. Hope you like them:

Our Textile Teddies in three sizes ~ Jumbo, Big, and Small with keychain.
All seven patterns of our Textile Teddies.
Textile Doggies in Big and Small sizes. We ran out of fabrics
for the doggies, so these are all that we have.

NOTE: As usual, we only make just one Jumbo size with each fabric pattern, 2-4 Big size, and less than 10 Small size. Each Textile Teddy or Doggy is now priced at ~ Small ($8), Big ($17) and Jumbo ($29) for purchase online or at the social enterprise PaTH Market at VivoCity. In retail shops the prices are a little higher due to the higher operating cost.


  1. May I know where your online shop is? :)

    1. Hi timsty, we don't have an online shop per se; our blog is also our online shop because viewers can make enquiries on the items featured by emailing us and we'll reply with all the details and the pictures of our latest designs. You can email me your queries at

  2. Hello, can you please tell me what colours you have the small textile doggy in. Thank you, Sidra